Living Studio der Stadgalerie Klagenfurt,  Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria | 10 August – 18 September 2016


noch einmal is the second project in my current artistic research focused on exploring the relationship between still and moving images. Its starting point was the construction of photographs as digital collages in the form of composites. The basis for composites were still images recorded in movement through the car window during my travels on the E-75 highway segment between Belgrade and Hungarian border. These still images were then treated as moving images in the timeline-based video editing software application. As a result of applying a simulation of film editing technique on still images, the composites emerged. While still images record moments of invisible time duration, in composites time becomes visible.

Upon my arrival in Klagenfurt I decided to round up the noch einmal project with, a single channel video projection of still and moving images and a sound recording from locations where the still and moving images are taken. These photographs, short video recordings, and sound recordings represent my visual explorations of this town which I will be calling home until the end of September 2016.


The titles of the composites are taken from Kayoko Yamasaki’s book of poetry Stormy Hill (Rad, Belgrade, 2008.), with kind permission of the author.


Single channel DVD projection with sound, 15:09, loop