Since 2007, I have been focusing on the urban landscape, and have photographed unnoticeable details of everyday sceneries. I find that recording everyday aspects of visual experience transforms ordinary sights into occasions to discover the aesthetic qualities of unlikely subjects. My approach to the found and the commonplace is situated at the intersection of a modernist interest in abstract form and a postmodernist preoccupation with the fictional nature of space.

Form and colour are asserted in my photographs, which often have a painterly quality. When photographing, I employ a bracketing technique and alternate sharp and blurred shots of the same subject, using light conditions as available on location. The resulting images are printed as recorded.

Reflections, structural and organic detail, architectural spaces, human activity and presence as made visible by sites and objects, and the material traces of the passage of time are themes which my work tends to revisit. I observe how unwritten history accumulates in places of transit, and how the accidental comes to make sense in the contexts where it occurs. For me, historical realities reveal themselves in the most inconspicuous places, where the photographer is just another passer-by.