ANEX Gallery, HDLU Istre, Pula, Croatia | 1 June – 1 July 2019


What cannot be said must be kept silent.’ 1

22 haiku – the sound of silence is a collection of visual recordings of unnoticeable details of everyday sceneries, in the continuous recording process, inspired by the square format of the Instagram application. Photographs are exhibited as a video projection with sound. Some details in the photographs are lost, but they gain in transparency. This procedure contributes to the silencing of the visual noise that the camera objectively captures, and the brain naturally filters out during the framing of the photographs. sound of silence are digitally synthesized direct sound translations of visual records whose juxtaposition adds the sound dimension. Visitors can hear what is actually recorded in the photographs. Reduction to detail and focus on listening are analogous to the Japanese Haiku poetic form.


1 Jean Baudrillard, Photography, Or The Writing Of Light, www.ctheory.net/articles.aspxid=126



Single channel DVD projection with sound, variable dimensions, 08:40, loop