The prints, sculptures, photographs and paintings of Celia Wilson, Kim Lowe, Jocelyn Mills, Helga Goran and Cristina Silaghi
that converge in Colour of Distance explore narratives of memory, place, displacement and kinship. The exhibition runs from
3 March to 7 April 2012 and includes community-focused public events: a painting workshop with Celia Wilson at 1pm
Tuesday March 6 and a conversation and afternoon tea with Kim Lowe and Cristina Silaghi at 3pm Wednesday March.
Photo © Sait Akkirman 2012. Papakura Art Gallery, 10 Averill Street Papakura 2110. Opening hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 2pm Saturday.


Colour of Distance Papakura Art Gallery photo by Sait Akkirman 2012